a.s.r. comes to Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen

january 28, 2020

‘The dynamics at the campus will
further increase our appeal'

Continued independent growth at a new, inspiring location, close to APG. Brightlands Smart Services Campus is the ideal place to help a.s.r./Loyalis make this wish come true. The insurance company will be officially taking up occupancy on the entire third floor of the campus on March 1. Once here, it will have all the room it needs to spread its wings.

Last year a.s.r. acquired Loyalis from APG, and the “unbundling” procedure between Loyalis and APG is in full swing. “Having your own place helps,” says location director Wim Vliex. "The move represents a landmark. It won’t be long before we will be able to continue on our own at Brightlands Smart Services Campus while APG is still nearby. This is important since we have the same target sectors, so in a strategic sense, we want to continue to work together.”

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a.s.r. will continue to offer disability insurance under the brand name Loyalis. Wim Vliex: “Loyalis’ life insurance activities will be concentrated in Utrecht, and this process will be completed during the course of 2020. The occupational disability division will remain in Heerlen. We plan to focus on growth from our Brightlands Smart Services Campus office. The recent acquisition of Veherex, the occupational disability insurance company for the NS and the public transportation sector, has gotten us off to a good start.”


After the move, about 250 a.s.r. employees will work on the third floor, which the insurer has leased in its entirety. The transfer of the life insurance division to Utrecht will reduce this number by approximately 100 employees over the course of 2020. However, because of the planned growth, new people will still be needed.


Wim: “We don't have a problem attracting new employees. People see the appeal in working for a healthy company with growth ambitions. I believe the dynamics at the campus will further increase our appeal. We have a relatively large number of young employees for whom the Brightlands campus is a lively, international and inspiring place to work.”


“Innovation also plays a major role for us. We are going to roll out a.s.r.'s Vitality program for Loyalis products, for example, but we are also constantly innovating when it comes to systems and customer service. That's another reason the Brightlands Smart Services Campus is such a great option for us. We want to become part of the campus ecosystem and participate in campus activities. I hope that we can learn from the other campus residents, and they from us. It goes without saying that we will be participating in the open house day at the end of March. We really love the idea of being able to show off our new workplace to family, friends and other interested parties.”

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