Qwiek and Rementis on Brightlands Smart Services Campus as the perfect location

On 12 December, the LifetecZONe year-end meeting was held at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus. LifetecZONe is a network organisation for the health care sector in the south of the Netherlands, and is active in life sciences and medical technology. Various presentations were given during the event. One of these was given by campus companies Qwiek and Rementis, in which they explained why the Smart Services Campus is the ideal location for their business based on their innovations and activities.

About LifetecZONe

LifetecZONe is a network for entrepreneurs active in life sciences and medical technology. The majority are small- to medium-size enterprises based in the south of the Netherlands (provinces of Noord-Brabant, Limburg and Zeeland). The network is also open to knowledge institutes, care providers, government agencies and organisations within and outside of the region. Thanks to LifetecZONe, members can meet with one another and exchange information on trends, knowledge and technology.