Rementis: happy that Brightlands Smart Services Campus exists

Startup Rementis participated in the BIF Incubator programme in the spring of 2016. This new company aims to ensure that elderly individuals suffering from dementia will be able to keep living in their own environment comfortably and independently, and for a longer period of time. This will also remove the burden on voluntary caregivers. Rementis’ product simplifies these people’s daily routines. Danny Pouwels, founder of Rementis, talks about the ins and outs of being a startup at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus.

Why did Rementis choose the Brightlands Smart Services Campus?
‘The campus is a perfect match for our needs. There is a lot of activity in the Parkstad area right now when it comes to the dementia issue. The population in this area is ageing, and since this phenomenon is closely aligned with Rementis’ core business, the campus was the ideal choice for us.

How does the campus contribute to the achievement of Rementis’ goals?
‘I would say this is primarily due to the ecosystem the campus offers. We are frequently in contact with the other startups here, and we try to help each other where we can.’

Has your office at the campus already yielded concrete results?
‘We are working with the Limburg Business Development Fund on a proof of concept. We are also hard at work on continuing to develop our software. Thanks to various partnership opportunities, many options have opened up for Rementis.’

Which opportunities do you foresee for Rementis in 2017, and what is the role Brightlands Smart Services Campus can play in this?
‘You have to create your own opportunities. Many people have opened their doors to Rementis, for example. This is because people have a lot of confidence in the service we provide. We are really happy that the Brightlands Smart Services Campus exists so that we can continue to evolve.’

What is your message for 2017?
‘Enjoy every minute that you are working on something. Appreciate every moment and learn from it; you will never get these moments back once they are gone. Be very clear on what it is you are doing; the campus offers everyone so many opportunities.’