Brightlands will be making an appearance at various events in Limburg this summer with a genuine roadshow. This interactive science show features a stand-up comedian and a robot who tell unique stories about Brightlands. Brightlands is working closely with Connect Limburg, LED, and the Province of Limburg to hammer out the details of this summer program, and will also be making good use of Museumplein Limburg’s special expertise.

The goal of the roadshow is to introduce Brightlands stories to a broader audience. This will be done during a variety of different events in Limburg such as the Solar Weekend Festival, the opening of the academic year at Maastricht University, National Science Weekend and the Limburg Administrators Day.

The story behind Brightlands as an immersive experience

Hans Gubbels, CEO of Museumplein Limburg, talks about the added value of the road show: "I can imagine that the people who are involved with or work at Brightlands are often confronted with the fact that not a lot of people in their day-to-day lives know what Brightlands actually is, never mind what actually happens on the campuses or why it's so special that all these things are being developed in Limburg. The road show will help create recognition, acknowledgement, and pride about what Brightlands and the people involved accomplish. The story of Brightlands is inspiring, but also complex. You can't just sum it up in a one-liner.

Through professionalism and expert knowledge, we often talk about the rational aspects of innovations; what we can do. However, we want to focus the story more on the emotional aspects; what do these innovations mean when it comes to our daily lives? This content will be transformed into a unique narrative. A total immersive experience."

Interactive science show

The form the message will take may be described as nothing short of unique: an interactive science show will be used to shine the spotlight on Brightlands. Around 25 minutes long, this show will be put on in a special trailer by a stand-up comedian and a robot. Products and raw materials that make a reference to Brightlands will be incorporated in the comedian’s clothing and the trailer’s decor.

The robot is what is known as a RoboThespian, a human robot that is capable of interaction. Playing the part of an oracle, the robot responds to the comedian’s questions and comments. During the conversation that unfolds between them, he demonstrates which products will play an important role in our daily lives, now and in the future. These sketches make it clear what Brightlands’ contribution is. The dialogs are interspersed with short interactive tests and experiments.