Guest column

Amber Steegh

In her final year of high school at the Valuas College in Venlo

“A mix of subjects really appeals to me”

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted to participate at first because this Summer Course was being held during the summer vacation. I had seen the announcement on my high school’s website but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to enroll. My father also suggested it later. I signed up for two of the four days: at the Brightlands campuses in Maastricht and in Venlo. Both locations focus on health and healthy nutrition which is a good match for my graduation exam subjects. Since I still haven’t decided what type of follow-up program I’m going to enroll in, I was hoping to get a better idea of this as well.

At the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, we participated in a scavenger hunt to learn more about what goes on at the campus. I also attended a workshop on what to do when a patient has a heart attack which was very interesting. Something like this can act as a trigger. It made me wonder if medical school in Maastricht would be a program I’d be interested in. It’s something I’m at least giving serious thought to now, because it’s a perfect fit for the subjects I'm taking my exams in this year. It might have been better if they had told us a bit more about the types of programs available in this field in Maastricht. Something that definitely stayed with me was what a nice city Maastricht is to study in.

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In Venlo, we were given a lot of information about the companies based at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. There are so many companies there, a few of which I was already familiar with through my classmates who are doing their final project on one of these companies. My school and the campus are working together on a project to introduce young talent to companies in the area and to tell them about future opportunities in this region. Students can then decide to focus their final project on one of these companies.

The excursion to the greenhouse that operates without sunlight was very interesting. We were also told that Limburg offers excellent education and training for people with talent and also offers good job prospects. That day in Venlo really helped me find a study program that really interests me. University College Venlo gives you a great way to combine different subjects in health and nutrition, such as biology and psychology for example. It was so interesting to hear how psychology plays a role in how we experience taste. The companies at the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo are working on practical applications in these areas. It has given me great food for thought. I'm interested in a broad range of subjects, so having this mix of fields in a study program appeals to me. This might just end up being what I study. But if someone were to ask now me what I want to do next year, I still say that I don't have a clue...” 

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  • 17 years old, lives in Arcen
  • In her final year of high school at the Valuas College in Venlo
  • Subject cluster: combined science/health and science/technology subjects
  • Participated in Maastricht University’s Brightlands Summer Course at two campuses
  • Hobbies: volleyball and playing the flute