Meet bright people

We are Brightlands

Brightlands is a crucible for exceptional stories. In 'Meet Bright People,' we celebrate researchers and entrepreneurs who are making the growing crossover between materials, health, smart services, and food visible and tangible.

Program director Daniƫlle Curfs, rising research talent Tinashe Ndoro, professors Judith van de Mortel, Ron Heeren, Luc de Witte, Yasin Temel, Mark Post and Annemie Schols, and entrepreneurs Wouter van den Berg, Maikel Beerens and Victor Vreeken tell about their dreams, the barriers they ran into, and The Power of Impossibility.

Judith van de Mortel, BrightBox

Growing crops under ideal conditions

Wouter van den Berg, The Compound Company

We can join anything to anything

Luc de Witte, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Care for the future

Ron Heeren, Maastricht University

Big Data on a microscopic scale

Yasin Temel, Maastricht UMC+

A couple of wires in your brain work wonders

Daniƫlle Curfs, InSciTe

I believe in collaboration with multiple parties

Tinashe Ndoro, SABIC

His studies were his journey. His journey was his goal.

Victor Vreeken, Avantium

Inventor of the viability of new products

Maikel Beerens, Xilloc

A passionate techie in healthcare

Mark Post, Maastricht University

The concept of creating meat

Annemie Schols, Maastricht University

Eat well, move well, be well