Brightlands at Pinkpop
half a million views...

The Brightlands Stage on the front page of De Telegraaf. The 3D-printed guitar featured during prime time on the Belgian VRT news. Social media reports from Brightlands that have reached more than half a million people during three days of Pinkpop. And not the least important: almost 100 new ideas generated by the Brightlands Pinkpop Challenge, some of which are definitely useful.
Summarized in a few sentences, this was the Brightlands “harvest” during the three-day Pinkpop festival. We would even venture to say that a lot of hard work has gone into improving brand awareness. Thanks to the Pinkpop Brightlands Challenge, the opportunity arose often to explain what Brightlands is, what Brightlands stands for and what Brightlands can mean.

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In the run-up to Pinkpop, the 3D-printed guitar had already attracted a lot of attention when it was presented at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. CEO Bert Kip presented this unique anniversary-edition guitar to Jan Smeets, who then handed over the innovative musical tour de force from Brightlands’ 3D printing lab to Lars Ickenroth. As the designer, Lars was there at the birth of this guitar and it was also his idea to have Brightlands make the unique instrument. As guitarist of the band Mt. Atlas, Lars Ickenroth completed the circle by playing a few songs on this guitar at Pinkpop. The 3D-printed guitar was interesting enough for the Belgian VRT news to dedicate a news item to it two days later.


The three-day Pinkpop festival yielded no fewer than 75 ideas for the Brightlands Pinkpop Challenge. Cartoons have been designed from the many suggestions for “Pinkpop 50 years from now”. Many visitors had the idea to develop “something innovative” so that everyone can listen to the music at their own desired volume. 
A few ideas were added to those contributed during the challenge event held on May 10 at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen where 200 students and experts zeroed in on the same question.

The ideas will be presented and officially handed over to Pinkpop on September 12 during an event in Venlo


At and around the completely renovated Brightlands Stage, there wasn’t just plenty of attention for the bands and solo artists such as Eurovision Song Contest winner Duncan Laurence; the Brightlands selfie contest was yet another bull’s-eye. Not only was it a lot of fun for all the people submitting their selfies, it also made the two winners of the free tickets to the 2020 edition of Pinkpop each day of the festival really happy.

Nederlandse versie

Brightlands presentation 
Pinkpop Challenge, 12 September, Venlo

The ideas generated during the Brightlands Pinkpop Challenge will be combined and further enhanced at the Brightlands “innovation mill”. On September 12, Jan Smeets will be officially presented with all of the ideas as an anniversary gift from Brightlands at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo starting at 4:00 p.m.

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