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Brightlands is a community for open innovation in health and sustainability. This community is based in the Dutch province of Limburg, at the heart of the Eindhoven-Louvain-Aachen technology triangle. At the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and students develop new solutions in the field of materials. This fundamental and applied research is made possible in part thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities available at the campus. Now you too can take advantage of the facilities and available space at our campus.


Are you an (inter)national organization in chemicals & materials, looking for room to grow? Two Brighthouses, which offer modular tailor made combinations of offices & labs, are newly built at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Visible from highway A2, the buildings are the perfect place for the next growth phase of your organization.

Brighthouses principles

Offering growing organizations sustainable housing with growth potential, the buildings are extremely transparent, fresh, open, and designed with clear lines in mind. All this to enhance innovative thinking and to encourage community building on campus.

Other characteristics

  • Multi-tenant
  • Mixed use: offices & labs
  • Flexibility: in square meters, in modules, in levels of equipment & furniture
  • ‘Fit for purpose’ level of facilities & services
  • Easy access from highway A2

Tailor made options, suitable for, for instance: 

5 – 30 employees

30 and more employees

What’s included?

basic service package

  • Coffee and tea in central areas of the facility
  • Basic greenery in central areas
  • Cleaning of offices and central areas (including glass cleaning)
  • Office waste
  • Handyman
  • Basic building facilities: digital reception, waiting areas, meeting rooms

extra service package

  • Internet – managed connectivity
  • Cleaning labs and chemical waste

General Facilities

  • Use of parking
  • Use of restaurant in Center Court
  • Use of conference rooms in Bright House and/or Center Court Architectural options
  • Casco (1 module = 55 - 151 m2 / 16 modules = 1250 m2)
  • Packages in 3 levels of necessities for both office & lab

W/E Installation technology options

  • Tailor made

  The people, companies, knowledge institutes and facilities at the campus all form the ecosystem. Access to this ecosystem in combination with flexible, modular office- and labspace is what makes the Bright Houses the ideal place to grow your business, Kurt Gielen, Business Development Manager


Faster growth thanks to...

  • The network in your professional field
  • Access to knowledge and community networking events at Brightlands Chemelot Campus
  • Easy networking with companies and knowledge institutes
  • Join the Brightlands Business Club
  • Availability of various training courses such as bookkeeping, HR, marketing and communication, ICT, etc
  • Support (marketing, ICT, logistics, maintenance, financial, etc.) offered by Service Providers on campus


Please contact us to discuss your wishes and the made-to-measure solutions the Brightlands Chemelot Campus offers.


Not what you are looking for? Please contact us for other available options.

Annemiek Mooij

Brightlands Chemelot Campus
Operational Sales Manager
+31 6202 14013
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  • Inspirational environment
  • At the heart of the Brightlands Chemelot Campus
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Annemiek Mooij

Brightlands Chemelot Campus
Operational Sales Manager
+31 6202 14013
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