Expat support

Comprehensive Help for Expatriates

The Limburg region and the Netherlands in general offer a range of services to help people move and settle here. The Holland Expat Center South, for example, is a one-stop shop for services for international companies, knowledge workers, researchers, EU citizens and their relatives. There are many other resources, too. Just as important, The people of Limburg are warm, welcoming, and helpful by nature. Your neighbors, co-workers, store assistants—everyone will give you a hand if you ask.

The multilingualism of the Dutch labor force is an important reason why many European headquarters, distribution centers, support and call centers are located here. The Netherlands is one of the most multilingual countries in Europe. Most Dutch people speak English and many have good knowledge of German and French, making them ideal employees for multinationals. The Brightlands region also offers career opportunities for the partners of expatriates.