Data research & smart business development

A leading data research center

Brightlands Smart Services Campus is a unique community that combines basic research, applied research in real-time business cases, value creation, and education to accelerate business growth—all in an effort to develop talent and innovation in business and technology.

The campus was born out of a mix of powerful ideas: to bring together the knowledge and skills found in major organizations, startups and education, and apply them within a flexible community of businesses and institutes of every size and focus.

Here at Smart Services Campus, world-renowned companies, smart startups and a leading institute fostering brilliant research and education create the most successful and innovative community of its kind in Europe.

Entree Brightlands Smart Services Campus

It’s all taking place in an environment that encourages like-minded researchers, students and entrepreneurs to share knowledge and leverage open innovation all of which will accelerate the development of smart services.

Brightlands Smart Services Campus offers a location where businesses and researchers want to work, and where enthusiastic students can gain their first practical experience. Brightlands Smart Services Campus aims to be a campus of international importance.

Brightlands Smart Services Campus aims to develop the campus into the primary European site for companies, educational organizations, and research facilities for high-performance smart services.