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One of Europe's Leading Centers for Clinical Medicine

Leading Center for Clinical Medicine

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus is a Center of Excellence where ideas and innovations from research and health care practice are developed and clinically tested. The objective is to use the knowledge gained to carry out a proof of market or market introduction. The on-site Maastricht Valorization Center has the facilities to support the entire value creation chain, from idea through proof of principle and proof of concept up to and including proof of market and even market introduction.

As part of its remit, the campus aims to support the focus of Maastricht University Medical Center+, whose boundary-pushing medical research takes place in schools that enjoy international acclaim as centers of excellence in their respective fields. The disciplines covered vary from molecular genetics, toxicology and neurosciences to human kinetics, epidemiology, health care sciences, and social medicine. The university also studies the interaction between prevention, treatment and aftercare to strengthen public health and the health care chain. Together this makes Brightlands one of the leading European institutions for clinical medicine.

Within this framework, Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus prioritizes research that involves the use of imaging and cardiovascular-related technologies:

Advanced Imaging and Analysis Capabilities
using MRI, Electron Microscopy, and Mass Spectrometry

Through our ties with Scannexus, tenants have on-site access to leading edge MRI in the form of a 3T Prisma, an actively-shielded 7T system, and the only 9.4T system operating in Europe. We also offer high power electron microscopy and advanced mass spectrometry.

Support for Cardiovascular and Related Research

Campus partner Medtronic works closely with our tenants to develop, build and study new devices to relieve pain, restore health, and extend life among sufferers of cardiovascular disease. This work can also have all kinds of spinoff applications. It may be possible, for example, to use electrical pulse technology (derived from pacemakers) to repress hunger pangs among obesity patients and reduce the shaking that affects people with Parkinson's Disease. Companies at the campus can use Medtronic's knowledge and expertise to bring products quickly to market. Medtronic is keen to assist small companies in taking their new concepts and prototypes to medical grade working devices with regulatory approval.

Health Markets

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Research Projects

Maastricht Study, Scannexus, Mosae Vita and more

Enabling Technologies

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