Materials markets

Specialist fields of research at Brightlands Chemelot Campus

Performance materials

Polymers play a central role in solving major challenges for health, food, energy, and transport. Brightlands Materials Center focuses on developing talent, knowledge development, entrepreneurship in polymeric materials and—most important—on connecting all of the above. Research and development should accelerate the rate of innovation and business growth in new applications for polymers. By watching and responding to societal needs and market demand, Brightlands research into performance materials focuses on technology platforms serving the major application domains of the plastics industries: lightweight mobility, integrated electronics, sustainable packaging and comfortable housing. In this way, it will cover the complete chain of knowledge, from polymer synthesis to the building of prototypes.

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Future for Mankind

Bio-based materials and biomedical materials are playing an increasing role in creating a sustainable and healthy future for mankind. Bio-based materials show the potential to reduce the environmental burden we place on the planet, while biomedical materials are increasingly regarded as central to any initiative to ensure that future health care remains affordable.

Brightlands' research combines the strength, knowledge, and expertise of talented scientists, progressive companies, and innovative laboratories in bio-based and biomedical materials. The bio-based program aims to optimize the chain of sustainable raw materials. This can involve smart manufacturing of materials by developing new chemical processes that can be applied on a large scale. The biomedical program focuses on developing smart, sustainable, and healing materials that ensure the human body can ultimately heal itself fully.

Bio-based Materials

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is actively involved in regional networks in the Netherlands and across the border into Germany and Belgium. They all aim to stimulate the further development and production of bio-based materials and building blocks.

One such network is Source B. For more information see

Biomedical materials and Pharma

Biomedical materials comprise a wide range of substances that can be used in a growing number of human health care applications. These require materials with special properties such as bio-degradability after material helps the patient to heal.

Regenerative medicine is a new dimension in the pharma world. Its goal is to invent, build and supply innovative solutions by tapping into the healing powers of our own bodies by using autologous or allogeneic cells, in some cases combined with biomaterials that serve as scaffolds or delivery mechanisms for human cells. Its goal is to maintain human health at a reasonable cost by moving from a palliative, disease-controlling health care system to solutions that actually cure diseases. This development offers enormous market opportunities. Nevertheless, much remains to be done to reduce costs and deliver consistent quality.

That’s where Brightlands Chemelot Campus comes in. With our unique expertise in high-tech and R&D infrastructures, scalable production plants and Good Manufacturing Practices, Brightlands is committed to playing a defining role in the coming years. This commitment is stimulated by the fact that the Brightlands campuses produce two of Europe's three approved Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMPs). It started with the opening of the first phase of Regeneration Street #1.

Brightlands offers the best medical and health, life science, chemical, and performance materials courses, education, research opportunities, and training.


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