Research institutes


CAPHRI: School for Public Health and Primary care

The CAPHRI conducts scientific research into prevention, public health, and primary care.

CARIM: School for Cardiovascular Diseases

The cardiovascular research institute conducts basic cardiovascular research closely aligned with the clinical research conducted by Maastricht Academic Hospital (azM). Key research lines include microcirculation and macrocirculation. The school is an internationally renowned expert in cardiac arrhythmias.

GROW: School for Oncology & Developmental Biology

GROW covers all activities in clinical oncology, developmental biology, and perinatal medicine. This combination allows for the exchange of knowledge concerning cell growth and cell division, processes that characterize normal (embryological) developments and abnormal (oncological) developments. The research is led by the Research Institute for Growth and Development (GROW).

MHeNS: School for Mental Health and Neuroscience

The MHeNS conducts research into common neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders and abnormalities affecting the nervous system.

NUTRIM: School for Nutrition, Toxicology & Metabolism

NUTRIM conducts basic and applied research into the role of nutrition in the development, treatment, and prevention of metabolic disorders in patients with cancer and chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, chronic lung disease, and chronic bowel disease.