Accommodation Geared to Researcher-Entrepreneurs

The facilities at all Brightlands locations include housing and related R&D and business development services. All are geared to meeting the needs of what we define as researcher-entrepreneurs—researchers who have ideas and ambitions to research new fields and build new businesses or grow existing ones.

DSM headquarters at Brightlands Chemelot Campus Sittard-Geleen

Each campus has buildings that are already equipped or can be adapted quickly to support many kinds of research and related activities. They include offices, laboratories and other specialized scientific facilities. Think pilot plant, a mini-plant, clean rooms, workshops and warehouses, and halls for semi-production set-ups.

Customer Services

Contact us about what you need and we can advise you about current and future availability. The housing needs of R&D companies change quickly. This increases our ability to meet the growth needs of new and existing businesses. Lease costs reflect the unit's specifications and floor area. Smaller units for start-up companies are often available on shorter leases. Go to the specific health and materials accommodation pages for more information:

Materials accommodation

Health accommodation