Business Services

Business development

The business development team at Brightlands Chemelot Campus is the partner for growth on campus. The team helps to shape new businesses by combining IP positions, facilities, networks and venture capital, and more, all of which strengthen the clusters within the campus's prime scientific sectors and provide services in the campus's Service Boulevard.

In cooperation with real estate and services experts at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, the team oversees the construction, renovation, and conversion of buildings on Brightlands Chemelot Campus. This includes managing the facilities and ensuring that the buildings on the campus are fully suited to their tenants' needs. It helps by securing raw materials, environmental licenses, chemicals, and process utilities such as steam.

Service Boulevard

The Service Boulevard is your access to services at Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Whether you have a technical or business-related question, or are planning to expand your business at the campus, or would just like to know what services, housing options and facilities are available, the Service Boulevard can help you on your way.

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The Service Boulevard:

… encourages questions and collaborates with various parties
… aims at fast response times
… does not charge for handling questions
… treats questions confidentially
… keeps information secret
… provides customized solutions
… links tenants directly with suppliers
… does not interfere with customer-supplier arrangements.

Five Service Types

The Service Boulevard offers a range of essential support and business services. These are provided by the campus itself, the companies located on it, or by external members of the Service Boulevard network.

Development Services

Development Services offer solutions for capacity and knowledge-related issues, such as help in analyzing materials or contamination, product purification, re-using bio-based waste materials, advice about suitable materials, and help with patenting and product commercialization.

Business Services

Business Services connects tenants with service providers in accounting, car rental, legal support, HR services, Internet, hotel accommodation, printing, logistics, moving and storage, cleaning, and more.

Campus Community Services

Campus Services are available both for tenant companies and their employees and aim to improve collective working conditions that strengthen the campus community. Examples include the "BtheMove" sports and vitality program, as well as PR, service outside office hours (7:00 pm to 6:30 am), and the new Center Court building.

Housing Services

Housing Services finds solutions for tenants' housing and facility questions and needs, such as adapting rooms, repairs and maintenance, finding solutions for the use of hazardous gases, and securing environmental permits for the use of organic solvents. Services also include conference rooms, the campus restaurant, and the auditorium, available for all campus tenants.

Manufacturing Services

The new Regeneration Street #1, 3D Printing Materials Laboratory and planned pilot plant and mini-plant facilities (under development) offer crucial services to SMEs and large businesses by providing various R&D and manufacturing infrastructures for researching, testing, and upscaling new processes for potential applications and commercial perspectives. These facilities are open to all Brightlands tenants and non-tenants alike.

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