Knowledge is an important prerequisite for innovation and economic growth. New products, services and processes require knowledge and research. Whoknowswhat is a digital platform that makes leading research knowledge available for business. By using knowledge brokers within knowledge institutions it is easy to locate the right expert to answer particular questions an innovative business may have.

To match business to research, whoknowswhat uses the network of knowledge brokers. These are professionals with a pivotal position within a knowledge institution (like colleges, universities or knowledge campuses) and are dedicated to help businesses in their search for the right knowledge.
In other words: they know who knows what.

If the right expert is found, than both parties are connected cost-free and in a personal matter. If, for any reason, the right expert can’t be found a knowledge broker introduces you and your business/research question to a colleague knowledge broker (within another knowledge institution).
Our promise: the knowledge broker always helps you to connect to people who can help you with your question. Cost-free, personal and adequate.

When the right expert to answer the question is found, both parties discuss how, when and under what conditions knowledge can be shared to valorize on this knowledge, but more importantly to come to sustainable innovation for business!

No matter the phasing, no matter the kind of innovation (product-, service-, process-, or business model innovation). The knowledge brokers of whoknowswhat are there for you. Ask your questions today on or follow whoknowswhat on LinkedIn to see how businesses benefit from a sustainable cooperation with knowledge institutions.

Cyriel Mentink (Project Leader CHILL)
“Whoknowswhat can help companies to get access to an internationale knowledge network"

Ivo Schefman (Co-Founder Eyegle BV)
“Wij zien dit netwerk en deze kennis als een flexibele uitbreiding van ons team.”