Ecosystem for Open Innovation

Brightlands Smart Services Campus provides an ecosystem for open innovation in the field of data-driven smart services through which companies can gather information (more) intelligently and use it to create economic added value in their products and services.

Interaction at different levels
Start-ups and small, medium-sized and large companies play a major role in the interaction that takes place on the campus. They not only contribute ideas, but also expertise, people and business cases. These parties are working together in expertise teams on open innovation in the field of smart services.

Fundamental Big Data research
This cooperation lies in conducting fundamental research by analysing and combining big data from business cases. By looking at big data – or combinations of them – in a different way, new data-driven services will be developed.

From idea to implementation
These smart services will then be tested in real-life business cases and developed further into proven concepts, which companies can then implement for themselves. If they do not have sufficient expertise of their own, support is not far away. Implementation can then be looked after by expert companies in the ecosystem of Smart Services Campus.

A springboard for start-ups
Start-ups will be helped to market their proven concept and extend their company further. To this end, the Smart Services Campus offers an integrated package of services to help high-value start-ups to rapidly grow into successful companies. Examples of this might include work-space on the campus, services, corporate culture, coaching, network, (access to) capital and much more.

Everyone benefits from innovations
The scale and capacity (technology, expertise and facilities) for developing data-driven smart services enable innovations in many fields of application. So in developing proven concepts, great attention is paid to researching possible crossovers so that more companies in the ecosystem can benefit from the innovations.

All of these elements make the campus an attractive hot-spot for start-ups, small, medium-sized and large companies, young professionals, experts and scientists.

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