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Talent Development

Brightlands Smart Services Campus is the ideal breeding ground for talented people – from students to young professionals - that would like to generate added value for companies on the basis of customer data. The campus provides an ecosystem for open innovation in the field of data-driven smart services.

Big data expertise teams

Expertise teams consisting of young talent, scientists, entrepreneurs and employees of innovation companies work with big customer data. These real business data are intelligently gathered, combined and analysed. The expertise teams then look at which value-added services can be developed for various sectors, services and products. And all of this is always data-driven. Because the (personal) data are real, the expertise teams constantly keep a close eye on issues such as ethics, privacy and security. Smart working enables them to get the maximum out of the data while keeping within these limits.

High-quality facilities

Special equipment is needed to visualise and analyse (combinations of) big data. Brightlands Smart Services Campus offers a professional laboratory with excellent facilities. In addition to development facilities, the campus also has a first-rate knowledge infrastructure. In short, all the facilities for supporting the development of talented people at a high level are present there.

Space for personal growth

This is how Brightlands Smart Service Campus contributes to training the exceptional professionals who will be needed for the jobs of the future. However, it is not only students and young professionals that are developing thanks to the activities on the campus. The employees of partners and companies are also benefitting from personal growth as they acquire new knowledge and expertise during inspiring projects.

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