Co-Creation Lab

Developing new food concepts

The Co-Creation Lab is located at the striking Villa Flora, and is an ultramodern centre where a variety of disciplines work together on the development of food concepts and solving problems related to nutrition. Researchers from universities and colleges, entrepreneurs from both within and outside of the region, professors, students and consumers work together in the lab to solve food-related questions the business community faces. This might be a new product, an improvement to an existing product, the implementation of a new business concept, an innovative activity or a new earning model.

Those using the lab will experience optimal benefits thanks to facilities such as a cooking and flavour centre, a lecture hall, processing rooms and testing facilities. The Co-Creation Lab is characterised by its open and innovative nature; buzzing with activity, it is here that people get informed and inspired, confer with one another, prepare, process, investigate, test and learn.

Inspiring and motivating, the facilities at the Co-Creation Lab offer limitless possibilities for developing new food concepts (alone or through partnerships) and implementing them. Those working in the lab collaborate to develop and share ideas on nutrition, food preparation, and taste experiences. By ensuring that products offer an optimal response to current and future consumer and customer needs, agro-food companies are better equipped to develop the food concepts of the future.

The lab is currently being used by small- to medium-sized agro-food businesses as well as knowledge institutes such as Maastricht University and the HAS University of Applied Sciences, with its FreshFood & Innovation programme. Students here work on innovative food concepts, either together or on commission for partner companies. The Kids University for Cooking and the Kokkerelli initiative also use the lab. Thanks to a surprising approach and the motto ‘Food = Fun’, children learn the story behind healthy products.

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Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt door een bijdrage uit het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling in het kader van OP-Zuid.