Agro, food and logistics research facilities

Symbiotic relationship between business and learning

The campus is an exceptional networking organisation that links the demands of the business world, innovation activities, meetings, the development and implementation of new business concepts and earning models to the know-how and curricula of educational institutions.

Education, research and entrepreneurship

The educational institutions in the city provide a total package of courses in food and health, logistics, economics and business administration, and technology with an extra accent on entrepreneurship. The campus itself – with the Innovatoren and Villa Flora as landmarks – offers state-of-the-art laboratories, trial sites, training and meeting facilities for students, teachers, researchers, start-ups and entrepreneurs from the region. Of course the campus also provides accommodation for growing companies and companies from elsewhere that would like to benefit from the unique strengths of the campus.

Open for collaboration

Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo is the best place to be for researchers and entrepreneurs in agribusiness, food and logistics for jointly tackling global challenges in the fields of health and food. For working together on healthy, sustainable solutions that cut across scientific, geographical and organisational frontiers.

Let's meet up in Venlo!

This is where local horticultural and logistical specialists meet each other – and meet the world. Can you contribute to this? Do you also want to tackle global challenges and leave the world a better place? Can you see new earning models for your company? Let's meet up in Venlo, in Brightlands!