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Centre of Expertise in High-Tech Horticulture

BrightBox is the first centre of expertise and one of the first companies that started at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. At this centre, research is conducted into high-tech horticulture. Thanks to the closed propagation system that BrightBox uses, it is possible to grow plants in special, climate-controlled rooms on a large scale, independent of natural factors.

In these rooms, plants get just the right dosage of what they need to grow. All of the parameters can be controlled: the colour of the light, the amount of light, the length of the day, the temperature, the humidity, the CO2, water and nutrients. And because the climate-controlled rooms do not use daylight but LED lighting, plants can be grown in several layers, one above the other.

The center is an initiative of three top players in the agribusiness: HAS University of Applied Sciences, Botany and Philips Lighting, and is supported by the Province of Limburg. It’s a joint venture between education/know-how and the market – exactly what Brightlands stands for.

Education and research in BrightBox perfectly matches the two priorities of the campuses (food & health and added-value ingredients). Thanks to controlled growing, we are tackling challenges such as using fewer or no pesticides and insecticides, no CO2 loss, reduced water consumption, higher production per m2, no light pollution, producing locally and freshly, a more efficient use of space by growing in layers, exactly planned production and other globally relevant issues.

BrightBox wants to be number one in the field of knowledge and implementation of no-daylight growing systems within 5 years.

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