Health research facilities

Support for World Leaders Biomedical R&D

Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus

The leading companies, scientists, and medical researchers at Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus are at the forefront of developments in a growing range of health issues. They draw on extensive knowledge, skills and experience to develop better, smarter, faster, and people-friendlier treatments to cure or improve the treatment of diseases and disorders.

As a value creation center, the campus plays a key role in advancing research by providing on-site access to leading technologies in medical imaging and cardiovascular diseases.

Leading-edge Imaging: 9.4T MRI, Electron Microscopy, and Mass Spectrometry

The campus offers the most advanced imaging and analysis capabilities in MRI, electron microscopy, and mass spectrometry. These include on-site access to three MRI scanners—a 3T Prisma, an actively-shielded 7T system, and one of only five 9.4T systems in the world—plus high-power electron microscopes, and mass spectrometry facilities that operate at molecular level.

Pioneering cardiovascular and spinoff research involving pulse technology

Campus partner Medtronic is keen to work with other companies and researchers that want to use its expertise in electrical pulse technology, originally developed for pacemakers, to develop their own products to combat other diseases and conditions. Companies at the campus can use Medtronic's knowledge and expertise to bring products quickly to market. Medtronic is keen to assist small companies in taking their new concepts and prototypes to medical grade working devices with regulatory approval.