Basic Pharma Laboratory

Your pharmaceutical toolbox.

The Basic Pharma Group follows a medicine from development to registration to production.

The Basic Pharma Group holds different departments:

  • Basic Pharma Manufacturing where production takes place. In addition to top-class C&D cleanrooms, the department aseptic cleanrooms for the production and fill & finish of aseptic products. Both own products as well as product of customers can be tested in the certified quality control laboratory.
  • Basic Pharma Technologies is responsible for the execution and management of own R&D projects and project of others, from pharmaceutical/chemical development till clinical studies.
  • Interdos is the department guiding formation of the registration dossiers of medicines for both national as international markets. During and after market authorization the medicines are guarded at the pharmacovigilance department.

In short, Basic Pharma is the partner for all your pharmaceutical questions.

Basic Pharma

Bob Kool