Arbo Support

Arbo Support aims to improve the occupational safety in the industry. As a business service provider, occupational safety plays a key role in our secondment, consultancy, and training activities.
Our policy is based on the following guiding principles.

  • We aspire to achieve and maintain long-term relationships with clients and employees, based on a mutual win-win situation
  • We aspire to provide a high quality service with satisfied customers
  • We aspire to contribute to the further development and training of our employees

We wish to achieve our objective – occupational safety improvement in the industry – by realising continuous qualitative and quantitative growth.

Over the past 25 years, Arbo Support has developed into the largest agency in the area of occupational safety in the industry. It goes without saying that we are ISO 9001, SCT and NEN 4400-1 certified. Our professionals are safety experts and advise our clients in both policy-related matters as well as at operational level. They are often stationed at companies on a project basis in order to ensure occupational safety during large maintenance or expansion projects. They are expert in combining safety and efficiency and keeping these on a parallel. Our knowledge and consultancy skills to embed safe working practice as part of the business culture and our own training centre play a crucial role in this.
Our goal is to be the leader in the field of occupational safety. Not only in an industrial environment, but also outside it. More and more often, environmental and quality considerations form an integral part of our approach.

Why Arbo Support?

  • Direct access to the largest group of safety experts specializing in occupational safety in the industrial sector.
  • Integrated approach through staff secondment, consultancy and training at both the managerial and operational levels.
  • Quality, professionalism and a firm commitment to achieving the objectives of our clients.
  • Many years of experience in many branches of industry.
  • In-house knowledge of recent legislation and regulations.

High level of client satisfaction, evidenced by our high proportion of repeat assignments and our high client-questionnaire scores.