Ibc Business Consulting

The Interim Management and Business Consulting Group

Ibc helps organizations to create sustainable value. Sustainable value for its customers, for the employees of the organization, for its business partners and suppliers and for the shareholders. Achieving success together is what we believe in!  

Ibc has over 15 years’ experience in creating successful collaborations between people with all kinds of profiles and from different sectors. It is always important that people speak more or less the same language, come to a common goal and use the same navigator to determine if they are going in the right direction. To support this process Ibc developed the impact model. An integrated tool that helps to create successful change and sustainable value.

Successful change often also requires improved management skills. Apart from interim management, project- & program management and consultancy, we also offer tailor-made talent development and management development solutions. These services improve management and employees’ competences pragmatically and effectively.

Ibc professionals have wide-ranging competences and fields of expertise. We can support organizations in determining strategy, in establishing the best organizational design and performance and in successfully implementing and executing strategic goals. Entrepreneurship, creativity, dedication and compassion is in our DNA. And we focus on and stimulate personal and professional development. We know all our professionals well and we believe in them.  

Ibc has a lot of experience in working for industrial organizations. So, if you are looking for a partner who can give you professional support when implementing sustainable improvements in your organization, a partner with a creative and person-centred vision and knowledge of industrial companies, their culture, processes and systems, then IBC is your logical choice.