Taylor Wessing

Taylor Wessing is a full-service international law firm, working with clients in the world’s most dynamic industries. We take a single minded approach to advising our clients, helping them succeed by thinking innovatively about their business issues.

In the Netherlands, we have offices in both Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Because of Taylor Wessing’s extensive (and internationally acclaimed) work in the area of intellectual property the service partnership with the Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a perfect fit, considering the innovative nature of the Campus resident companies.

Our intellectual property law services include but are not limited to:

  • contract drafting for research and/or joint development projects;
  • patent and trademark advice and litigation;
  • IT & Data protection advice and litigation;
  • our very own trademark attorney.

Next to that, we offer all the legal services that any innovative company will ever need, including the following:

  • Corporate and M&A;
  • Competition law;
  • Regulatory and Real Estate;
  • Civil litigation.

If your company require assistance with any legal matter , please do not hesitate to contact us; our lawyers are more than happy to assist you.

Our primary contact person for Brightlands Chemelot Campus companies is Bram Nijhof, not only because of his former background at Philips, but also due to the fact that he is from the Limburg region and still lives there. A contact person with a local network who is at the same time comfortable working in international and innovative environments and networks.