Acaleph Opleiding, Training & Adviezen b.v. specialises in providing safety training and safety related guidance and consulting processes. Across the whole country, we also provide: in-house emergency response (BHV), AED and first aid (EHBO) courses, safety and environment checklist contractors (VCA) courses, SOG courses, Safety Awareness Team Trainings, logistics courses (among which forklift and hydraulic lift platform courses), tailor made aviation courses and several consulting processes, among which risk assessment and evaluation (RI&E), VCA and ISO. Acaleph is a real family company, which was founded in 1998. From the start, Wil Nijsten is in charge, together with his wife Sonja and in 2009 their son Joey joined to strengthen the management team. Including the family, Acaleph currently employs 33 professionals, a number that is still growing.

Our mission? We make working safer! We strive to be a progressive partner for our clients and give them total peace of mind in the complete area of safety. Among other things, our organisation distinguishes itself in the area of:

In everything we do, quality is our starting point. We employ the highest quality standards for our courses and our trainers are continuously brought up to date in the areas of legislation and regulations and market developments. We therefore possess the most recent new quality certification.
ISO 9001:2015.

Peace of Mind
We would like to take care of the complete planning and administration system for you, so that you no longer need to worry about that. Acaleph uses a planning system, designed in-house, to process its complete registration of courses and course participants. It registers the course participants including the courses taken, repeat dates and exercises. Competencies gained elsewhere can also be registered in this planning system. The course participants can be allocated to your preference, for example per site or department. You will be given access to this system and the opportunity to create your own planning, but we would be more than happy to look after this work on your behalf.

Every year we create new lesson plans in order to keep the training interesting for the participants that take repeat training annually. Ideally and in consultation with you, we adjust the lesson plans as much as possible to your specific preferences and safety requirements as a consequence of your RI&E and/or company emergency plan (BNP).