Kenneth Smit

About Kenneth Smit
For over 29 years, Kenneth Smit, as market leader, provides valuable employees who help to achieve business goals. We do this with practical commercial and management courses that bind and captivate and contribute to the trading results of our clients and to a successful career of our participants.

Training with Kenneth Smit requires courage and confidence. The standard is high. For our participants who should be proud that they dare to confront themselves, for our clients, who dare to invest in a better operating result, and last but not least ourselves.

Kenneth Smit: It’s tough, but it gets you there!

Business Improvement, Boosting success!

Employees are the dynamic link between strategy, organization and organizational culture.

It starts with defining the organizational goals and the key environmental variables. Step-by-step direction, layout and organizational structure are mapped. This also includes required and existing capabilities.

Kenneth Smit is willingly to support you with practical experiences, whether it is about business improvement, competence development or coaching.

How does your organization achieve connection to the market, and what is the biggest challenge?

Training, The foundation to success!
People are full of unknown talent. Are you ready tot convert these qualities to more profit for your organization? Give your team the right tools to get the most out of them. Kenneth Smit can assist you with this process. We offer a complete tailor-made development programme to lift your organization to a higher level.

In partnership with the Brightlands Innovation Factory we will organize several workshops.

Coaching, Who holds a mirror up to your face?
Whether it is about coaching yourself, coaching on the job or team coaching. The Kenneth Smit methodologies promote the release of potential qualities to perform in the best possible way.

“Trust and respect are the keys to effective coaching”