Dedicated Business Information Services

Dedicated Business Information Services (DBIS) is an IT service department, part of DSM DBS-ITSS, specialized in the support of dedicated, business IT environments. Our business is to add distinctive value to our clients’ processes and products. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction by operating quick and flexible in innovative Life Sciences and Material Sciences environments. DBIS bridges the gap between Standard Desktop IT Services in the office and the Enterprise IT Services, such as SAP, Intranet and global Document Management Systems.

We are a global organization with local presence within 4 affiliates worldwide, located in the Netherlands, Switzerland, United States and China.

DBIS delivers end to end IT service for its customers via three service lines:

  • System and Infrastructure Management (SIM)
  • Instrument Control and Data Acquisition (ICDA)
  • Application Management (AM).

SIM portfolio services

  • Windows management
  • Linux management
  • Unix management
  • Physical server management
  • Virtual server management
  • Workstation management
  • Data Storage management.

ICDA portfolio services

  • CDS (Chromatography Data Systems)
  • LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems)
  • ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook)
  • TAP (Technical Automation and Process control) of Bench-scale setups and Mini-plants
  • Interface development and support (Hardware and Software)
  • Specialty workstations (Laboratory and Manufacturing)
  • Application development (Analysis, Control and Data-Acquisition).

AM portfolio services

  • Application management
  • Application hosting
  • Custom Software development
  • Database Management
  • Oracle, SQL, Access, and custom Databases
  • Citrix
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Oracle ERP
  • Non-SAP ERP.