Philips Innovation Services – Environment and Safety

Safety Data Sheets & Dangerous Goods management services

Do you need Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to sell and transport your products? Look no further. Our team of experts offers over 25 years of experience in creating high-quality SDS.

Our services

  • Creation and pro-active maintenance of 100% compliant Safety Data Sheets
    - 100% compliant SDS and REACH e-SDS
    - > 25 years of experience
    - The best quality, because we adhere to strict quality procedures
    - Automatic translation of your SDS and Instruction Cards into 12 languages
  • Online, worldwide IT solution Fasim 2.0.
    - Instant access to your SDS, hazard labels and instruction cards
    - Your own dedicated customer environment
    - Flexible reporting and checks for unwanted chemicals
  • Support
    - Helpdesk for all SDS and Fasim 2.0 related questions
    - 24/7 emergency support
    - Consultancy on chemical laws and regulations (REACH, ADR, IATA, C&L notification)
    - Access to Fasim database > 18.000 high quality, validated SDS.

Your benefits
Through our services, you save time and increase the quality of your chemicals management.

  • Our high-quality SDS serve as a perfect business card towards your clients
  • Our advanced IT solution Fasim 2.0 will save you time in complying with legislation on the use and transport of chemicals.