Zuidlease provides various types of car leasing for all businesses with a need to organize mobility. Since our foundation in 1992, we consciously put a focus on doing business on a regional level within Limburg in order to create and maintain personal contact with our relations; customers as well as suppliers. This regional focus further creates the advantage of being able to respond quickly and flexibly to the questions and needs of our clients.

Carefree mobility
We offer lease contracts for all passenger cars and vans up to 3500 kg. Not only purchasing a car deserves attention, handling claims and taking care of maintenance can take much of your time as well. Zuidlease gives support and aims to relieve its customers during this whole process in a reliable and transparent way. We manage your fleet, combine sustainable mobility and a complete form of business financing and create tailor-made solutions in doing so.

Lease products

Operational lease | Service components (taxes, insurance, maintenance) are included.

Net Operational lease | Basic form of leasing, service components are on your own responsibility.

Financial lease | Purchase price of the car forms a contract with a fixed term and interest rate, monthly payment consists of amortization and interest.

Shortlease | For your temporary and flexible need for mobility. You are not bound to a contract of a few years, but you still benefit from attractive rates.

Sale and lease back | We buy your fleet and offer it back again at attractive leasing rates. You are able to concentrate more on your core business as a result of increased liquidity.

Mobility budget | By introducing a mobility budget you contribute positively to a cleaner environment: employees combine travel with a leased car, public transport and possibly a bicycle or (electric) scooter as a socially responsible way to travel from A to B.

Private lease | With Zuidlease Auto Privé (ZAP) private individuals have the opportunity to make a lease contract, involving a brand new car for a fixed monthly price.