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In our society there is a continuous drive to innovate and to grow. This gives IPecunia Patents the possibility to investigate, together with you, the knowledge in your company. IPecunia Patents supports customers in the creation of additional value by the application of their knowledge: Intellectual Property (IP). This support is given in the form of valuable strategic advice about the use of IP. This is approached in an open, honest and objective manner with the goal to realize a good protection against minimal investment.

You have a passion for your company and you invest a lot of time and money in your idea or research. Probably there are investors involved who, like yourself, want to see results. In this situation it is good to consider protection of your IP. For many investors a patent is even a condition to do business. Is your product or process unique? A patent can prove it and protect it.

IPecunia Patent has more than 50 year experience concerning patents, mainly in the field of Chemistry, Life Science, Biotechnology, Mechanics, Electronics and Physics.
In a patent your unique knowledge is described as accurate as possible.  

The protection of knowledge is also important because in practice inventors will inadvertently disclose patentable information. During parties, drinks or just at the coffee machine it will happen that inventors are too talkative about their investigations while this information is not protected.
Therefore, a part of the protection includes training and workshops that can be provided by IPecunia Patents with the goal to optimize the awareness around inventions. The participants will learn how they can recognize patentable inventions and how they can bring these inventions to a commercial success.

Personal challenge
In 2006 the inspired entrepreneur Jaap Renkema starts patent firm IPecunia Patents. ‘ Patents are fascinating matter,’ tells Renkema, who is a Dutch as well as a European Patent Attorney. ‘ Without protection of knowledge no money can be earned from it and an invention can never be commercialized. Next to keeping an invention secret patents are important to protect the IP position. Patents can be used beneficially in the overall business strategy, because successful patents support the strategy. The challenge for IPecunia Patents is to write strong patents that fulfil these demands.’

Before drafting of a patent is started it must become clear if a patent is really necessary. Not every entrepreneur will benefit from having a patent. IPecunia Patents distinguishes itself by investigating upfront if a company really needs a patent. This approach is quite remarkable in IP circles.
IPecunia Patents has a versatile and international team.
After 2006 IPecunia Patent is grown to a company with 10 employees (m/f), including 4 patent attorneys. We can find our legal way around the globe to protect your position, together with you.

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