Pragmatics is successful in the area of temporary financial support, interim management and consultancy since 2010. Although Pragmatics is quite young, it has a solid an loyal customer base due to the high knowledge of the management who have over 15 years of experience in this field. The high level of satisfaction among customers of Pragmatics resulted in a constant growth and multiple preferred supplier contracts for the company.


  1. To hire high educated and experienced employees for temporary jobs or projects in the field of finance and control.
  2. Mediate independent financials and specialist in the field of financial control, business control, accounting & reporting, governance, risk-, project- and change management.
  3. Offers various subscriptions/contracts for temporary support, advice and accompaniment with an expert panel varying from administrative tasks to CFO’s.
  4. Assures a perfect match between vacancies and candidates based on their curriculum vitae, competencies and personality (Pragmatics selector ®) .
  5. Offers a (INFLUX) option to fill your vacancies.

Thanks to a solid core of experts and permanent employees with a minimum of HBO level, Pragmatics is able to support other companies with the structuring and optimization of (financial) business processes. In this process, our employees account for the most important capital. For personal development and binding of these talents Pragmatics continuously invests in its employees by organizing in-house training, personal coaching and even extra education (post-HBO/WO).

As a high-quality company we would like to be up-to-date in the area of our expertise and of businesses in the region. To keep on expanding our knowledge and network, we regularly make time to get in touch with various businesses and professionals, in a non-committal way obviously. For more information about Pragmatics you can visit our website or call with one of our business managers (043 – 365 92 85).