Businesses at Chemelot have already experienced 25 years of professional service from ProfCore, ranging from process operating and gas bottle filling to professional management of fork-lift and reach trucks. ProfCore ensures that work for all new and existing businesses within the Chemelot community is carried out well, reliably and professionally.

Every company should focus on what it is really good at: its core business. Which is exactly what ProfCore does. We provide professional people and specialise in implementing industrial production and logistics processes in various sectors, from chemicals to food and from agriculture to paper. This applies whether you need a flexible labour force or when you need to organise the entire process. We do this in the Netherlands and also in Germany. We are unique in our sector. ProfCore has its own Collective Labour Agreement and all our (approx. 500) professional people are employed by us. Clients benefit from the commitment and advantages of this concept.

Your situation, our starting point
Every company has a different situation and requires a tailor-made solution. ProfCore responds to this by means of its unique business model. We work by three models, which are elaborated specifically for each situation:

1)    Outsourcing
Strategic considerations may prompt your decision to outsource one or more of your operations with ProfCore. In this case, ProfCore will take on all the responsibilities. The total package of services will be designed in conjunction with you. We can achieve savings of 15%-25% on costs.

2)    Turn-key projects
ProfCore implements a project for you from beginning to end. This enables you to concentrate on your core business and enjoy the certainty of guaranteed quality, timing, and costs.

3)    ProfCore employees
If you are in urge of people with specific expertise, a ProfCore employee with the right experience, training and an excellent attitude to safety is the answer. ProfCore can deploy a service team of professional people under the supervision of a ProfCore team leader, to ensure your organization has no added burden.

By opting for our professional people, you safeguard your safety, quality, continuity, flexibility, cost level and business risks are spread. That is what our unique business model can provide you.